Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OLW Blog Hop - The Letter Edition

Welcome to this month's OLW blog hop! Thank you so much for the prayers, love and best wishes last month during my hospitalization. My asthma is under control for the present. Hallelujah! I credit much of my recovery to keeping a positive attitude. A very difficult thing to do, particularly in the midst of adversity or illness, but the support of friends & family helps more than you can know. 

This month's prompt involved writing a little note to yourself, focusing some on where you are right now and some on where you hope to be one year from now. I really love this concept. Putting words to paper makes it 'real' to me and gives power to my intentions. I am still playing major catch up around here and dealing with heavy stuff. I have no photos of my projects but I am sharing some of my note to self. I am blogging from my heart, keeping my life real and authentic.

Dear Jenn,
Right now you are struggling to keep to your head above water. The past month has been filled with stressors, both internal and external. This time has been one of the most difficult in your life, but I have to say that you're dealing with it so well.

I'm proud of you.

You've suffered a trauma this month, one that threatens to consume you, but you keep holding on. You are surrounded by so much love and support. Jim is your rock, a touchstone that helps you get through the day. He is everything you could ask for and then more. Your mom and your two best friends share your grief and comfort you. You know that you need help to weather this storm - and you've opened yourself up to the healing process with a professional. You understand that this moment in your life doesn't define you...but you are feeling so lost. Take a deep breath and let the love wash over you. You are so strong, stronger than you ever knew that you could be. You will get through this.

One year from now I hope you'll be laughing. And smiling. And experiencing joy to be alive. You will have moved on, rising from the darkness and dangers to see and understand all of the beauty that is present in this world. You and Jim will be thriving in renewed togetherness and passion. You will be able to share all of yourself. You won't be scared anymore, seeing shadows where there are none. You will understand that you survived. You will be ready to share your story and help others who are struggling as you once struggled. You will know that no one can take your spirit. You will feel peace.

Until next time, friends. xoxo

Next up is Jill. I know you'll enjoy her amazing blog!