Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Totally Rad Sneakers

My good friend Mr. Sam spent some time with me this weekend. He had these cool, retro sneaker on but they were very plain. I noticed that he had taken a blue ballpoint pen and scribbled along the tongue of one of his shoes. I commented that I liked the way he 'personalized' his shoe. He immediately said, "You know what would be so cool? I could use your paints and add more!" I immediately said, "Call your mother and ask her."

Mom said, "Yes."

Instead of paint, he decided to use Studio Calico Mists, Staz-On Ink, stamps and Sharpies to decorate his sneakers. Because the mists are water soluble, I sprayed the sneakers with acrylic sealant when he had finished his design. I'm sure that the color will still fade over time but it will certainly last longer having been sealed.

 As you can see, the sneakers turned out awesome. It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I helped a bit with the stamping but otherwise Mr. Sam did the whole project himself.

 Pretty good for a 7 year-old, right?

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