Monday, May 2, 2011

I Call It "Royal Wedding Fever"

You might have noticed that I missed last Friday's segment of Photo Love. Well, it is because I came down with Royal Wedding Fever.

And it is very contagious. Just look at these two...

Deana and I totally went crazy for the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton (for you morons out there who weren't sure what royal wedding I was referring to). Deana dug out her wedding tiara - and the silver, china and crystal stemware in case you were wondering about our level of commitment - while I made myself a veil to wear with my own (plastic) tiara.

Really, how cute are we?

So, Deana took Friday 4/29/2011 aka Wedding Day off of work while I already had the day off. We planned to nap in the evening and then meet at her house around 2:30am to begin the festivities. The actual wedding ceremony was slated to begin at 5:00am in our time zone. But...neither one of us could sleep. Truly, we were 'too excited' thinking about the wedding. I gave up the pretense of sleeping about midnight and just headed over to Deana's house.

We drank mimosas while watching the pre-wedding tv coverage. We ate scones with homemade clotted cream (a super yummy treat). We snarked on people's attire and speculated about the dress. We ooh'ed and aah'ed at the pomp and grandness of it all. We got nostalgic, thinking back on Princess Di's wedding to Prince Charles (Deana made a scrapbook of said event which proved quite sentimental). We remembered our own weddings with smiles and (maybe) some tears of joy.

So by the time the actual wedding began, we were both fighting to stay awake - just like this little Princess.

 We made it through the vows and some singing. And then I had to go home because I am old and can no longer celebrate through the night. I knew I had to make it into my bed or I was going to be sleeping in Deana's arm chair. So I fell asleep at home, cozy and comfy in my own bed, amid the sounds of cheering. With the image of the wedding kiss as my last concrete memory.

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