Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell Coco

Last night we had to give away our sweet, sweet Coco girl. And it just about killed me...

I've had allergies since childhood, but as I've gotten older, both my allergies and my asthma have progressively worsened. And while I knew that I was somewhat allergic to dogs, I've never had a severe reaction to any type of dog. I've had dogs as pets my whole life.

I'm a dog person.

When Jim & I got a dog together in January 2007, we chose a breed recommended that was recommended for people with allergies, a Chinese Crested. From the start, she was a perfect fit for our little family. Loving and sweet. A snuggler. A lap dog, but not a 'yip' dog. Protective. Smart. A little dog with a fierce heart. And so, so loyal.

During my recent hospitalization, the pulmonologist advised us that no dog is truly hypo-allergenic and that we needed to "get rid of the dog."

Thankfully, a co-worker of Jim's was willing to take her. I couldn't be more grateful. We know she has a loving home. We know she will be well cared for. We know she will bring joy to another family. I am certain of that.

But I am certain of one other thing as well

Coco will always be my dog.

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