Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OLW Blog Hop - My Dreams in Pictures Redux

Welcome back for this month's installment of the One Little Word Blog Hop. As the year winds down, I am so very grateful to be able to look back at all my previous posts about my word of the year, Dream. I love having the concrete evidence of how much my word has come to be an active part of my life. I love seeing where my word has taken me. And I love seeing how much I have changed and grown with the influence of my one little word.

This month, we have 14 amazing women participating in the blog hop. I've said it before but it's worth repeating. Be sure to check out all of these fabulous ladies' blogs. You will be amazed at the creativity, humor, sentimentality, depth and joy that shines through on every single page. I know I can't wait to see each and every post.

October's prompt was a return to a class favorite - using 9 photographs to illustrate your word right now. What I really enjoyed about this prompt was going back to look at February's collage after I had put together the collage for this month. It was interesting to see what inspired my dreams now compared to those images that sparked my imagination near the beginning of this journey.

Below is this month's collage. I've listed the words behind the photos underneath. Once again, I plan to make a layout incorporating these words + photos. But in my album, the photos will not have any words on them (or numbers for that matter). The numbers correspond to the written statements for each photo.

1.I dream of new directions.
2. My dreams are bright and sometimes burn with intensity.
3. I dream of the exotic, the foreign, the unfamiliar.
4. Some dreams strip you bare, exposing all of my vulnerabilities and fears.
5. My dreams, collected and savored.
6. Dreams can be mysterious, leaving only hints and remnants for me to piece together.
7. I am ready to go where my dreams lead me.
8. Some dreams are comforting, like the sun shining warmly onto my face.
9. Some dreams are a baptism, like a clean rain sluicing through my soul.

I've been thinking a lot of the dreams I had in childhood, how as a child I wasn't afraid to dream, how I didn't put limitations on my dreams. Through my recent experiences in Mondo Beyondo, I've re-connected with these childhood fantasies. Some bring me laughter and amusement, some are unrecognizable, some generate a bittersweet sense of loss, and some still ring so true. More importantly, Mondo Beyondo taught me how dream again. I mean really dream, with abandon and imagination and longing...and without practicality or limits or fear.

I am learning to let go of fear, of all anxiety as I face the future.

I wanted to use a photo enlargement to convey this re-connection to my childhood dreaming.

What are your dreams right now? Are you pursuing these dreams? I really hope so...

Next up in the blog hop is the fabulous Cheri. Check our her blog and enjoy the rest of the hop!


  1. Great OLW homework this month! Love the quote that you put up to go with it! It is amazing to see how far we have come with our words isn't it? Thanks for sharing-Amanda

  2. I love the photo and quote you added for your second page - I have pinned it to my quotes board! Great job on this month's prompt and thanks for linking me up!

  3. What awesome photos and journaling...love what your word has brought to you again this month.

  4. Fabulous work this month, I love what you've written for each photo!!! Very inspiring!!!

  5. Wow, Jenn, WONderful, thought-provoking post. And your photos are just SO beautiful and perfect. Gonna have to check out Mondo Beyondo. My list of dreams is piling up! :)


  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love the thoughts that go with them.

  7. Just gorgeous. Love both the photos and the thoughts behind them. Leaving here inspired....thank you :)

  8. I love, love the colors of your photo collage. The photos are amazing. You did a wonderful job with this months project.

  9. I love your photos. They are perfect for your word. I'm intrigued by the Mondo Beyondo workshop. I seriously thought about signing up but discovered it one week after registration was closed. It sounds like it has been a good class, no? Thanks so much for your continued participation in the blog hop. I love stopping by to check in each time!

  10. Great photos - I could capture the feelings!

  11. LOVE! Love the photos and the journaling for each. Super stuff. Dream Big.