Friday, January 13, 2012

Take 12 - The Photos

I had such a fun time taking photos for January's Take 12 project. And I couldn't wait to share the photos. I also plan on making a layout but for now the photos will have to suffice.

1. The view from my front porch in the morning. Gorgeous.
2. I just finished reading Out of Oz, the final volume in Gregory Maguire's Wicked Years saga. I really enjoyed seeing how these books came together. Ever since first reading Wicked several years ago, I have been fascinated by Maguire's concept, writing a completely new story based upon a well established tale - in this case The Wizard of Oz but told from another character's perspective. I am obsessed with the amount imagination and creativity that it would take to accomplish such a feat...and more than a bit envious.
3. The view from above. Dark indigo Levi's. Fleece vest. Uggs. I am both warm and fashionable.
4. Today's lunch consisted of a single cheeseburger from Don and Millie's. Mmmm. Not the healthiest of lunches, but I skipped the fries and avoided the temptation of a double burger. In the end, I feel like I was able to enjoy something I was craving in a responsible way. This is progress.
5. The West Wing. The freaking complete series. Thank you, Santa!
6. Today's weather. Cold. Cold and windy. Hello, winter.
7. My very messy craft table, filled with lovely scrappy goodness. I am especially happy for new Amy Tangerine goodness.
8. My husband's recent baseball card acquisitions. I love that he is a collector.
9. Have you ever owned something that just made you smile when you caught sight of it? That is what happens every. single. time. I see my manual type writer. That it was a gift from my best friend makes it even more special.
10. Poor Jim. He had to undergo an emergency root canal...and was still in good humor and allowed a photo of his slightly swollen, very numb jaw.
11. Emergency root canal = need for antibiotics.
12. Need for antibiotics = trip to the local pharmacy. I love this pharmacy, not just the service but the complete look of the building.

I hope you all had a wonderful January 12th! I'll post a layout featuring these photos soon.


  1. I love that you're are telling the story of your day in pictures. Such a cool idea! Can't wait to see the layout.

  2. Love your photos! I'm just working on my photos right now. I focused on numbers around the house. Temp, time, calories etc!!