Monday, May 17, 2010

A Never-ending Spring

I have a hard time balancing how I feel about spring (the season, not the coiled tool part).

Clearly, following the dreary dark coldness of winter, I am in need of light and sunshine. I love the look and sound and feel of spring. I look forward to the growth, the flowers, the very brightness of spring.

Then I smell the air...and for one brief second I am truly in Heaven, savoring the sweet aromas of spring...

And, then I am in Hell.

For that is when the 'sneezing, congestion, itchy nose, itchy skin, itchy eyes, watery eyes, scratchy throat, can't catch my breath and then have an asthma attack' time of year begins. And goes on. And on. And on...

This sucks.

So, please forgive my sporadic blogging. I will try harder to fit it in between gasping episodes and sneezing fits. I am now entering the Nyquil haze but will try to return with more pages from my art journal tomorrow...if I am alive.

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