Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome Home

I am still filled with joy and laughter from the lovefest last weekend that was Grand Master B's welcome home barbecue. There was just so much support from family and friends, our adult friends of course but also B's own close friends. It is amazing to see the progress that he has made this past year. But it was also incredibly moving to see such outward support and pride for his accomplishments from his own peers. And B did such a good job of interacting with everyone. He did not isolate himself with just his friends. He sat and had conversations with his family, from the younger cousins to his great-grandparents. He was open and inviting. He joked with my girlfriends and entertained the children out in the backyard. So many people mentioned how happy he looked...and I couldn't agree more. It was truly a celebration of him.

My immediate family was there (of course) but aunts, uncles, cousins, godmothers and grandparents made an appearance as well. It was exciting and moving to meet a new member of our family, Princess P. She is 5 years old and is a complete angel. My first cousin just recently found out he was a father. This is the first extended family event that she has attended. We are so glad that she is a part of our life now!

My uncle Jimmy provided the meat, a fantastic smoked pulled pork, from his kickin' restaurant Boxer Barbecue in Council Bluffs. We served his homemade sauces with the meat, both a sweet thick sauce and a thinner smoky sauce with a vinegar base, on a plain hamburger bun. My good friend Laura made a cabbage slaw that complemented the meat perfectly. I put mine atop the meat/sauce but lots of folks ate it on the side. Special thanks to Grandma for mac salad and salsa, Mom for amazing potato salad and beans, Deana for making deviled eggs and cupcakes, Michele for pasta salad, Denise for fruit salad, Kozy and the Molinas for veggie trays, the Hagstrom's for ice and Jones for my very own jalapeno plant.

The best gift of all? This look on his face...

Yep, he just looks so happy.

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