Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Life A to Z

I saw a really cute idea on Carrie's blog to post an A to Z list of things about our home. I just love this! And since I am not yet ready with my fabulous post about our recent visit to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, it just worked for today!

Here you go:
A- My AIR CONDITIONER is set on: 71
B- My BEDROOM theme is: eclectic - a mix of Mission furniture, vintage lamps on either side of a King-size bed and a lovely, crisp blue & cream duvet set
C- The CAR in the driveway is: Honda CR-V
D- My DESK looks: pretty tidy with an over sized cutting mat, spinning craft organizer and a paper tray for current projects
E- The EXACT time I wake up daily is: never exact (ha!), just varies day-to-day
F- The FIRST thing I wash in the shower is: my face
G- My GARAGE is filled with: my husband's tools
H- My HOME is: my refuge
I- If you peeked INSIDE my bedroom you'd see: laundry & a kickin' flat screen tv
J- My favorite JUICE is: Apple
K- The best part of my KITCHEN is: the butcher block island
L- The LAST person who visited my home was: my best friend Deana & her kids
M- The last piece of MAIL for me was: From Gina the best box of scrapbook material ever!
N- My NEIGHBORS think I'm: a keep-to-myself girl
O- If you OPENED my fridge you'd see: diet A&W cream soda
P- My last house PARTY was: a welcome home party for my son
Q- A QUICK meal I like to fix is: pasta
R- My favorite ROOM of the house is: my craft room
S- The SHAMPOO brand I use is: Garnier Fructisse
T- My largest TELEVISION is: 36
U- UNDER my bed you will find: nothing
V- The last time I VACUUMED was: last week
W- Looking out my WINDOW I see: our beautiful neighborhood
X- I wish I had X-TRA: closet space
Y- My YARD is: nice but we need to update the back deck
Z- ZZZZZZZ My bedtime is: variable, but usually 11 or 12
so what does the A to Z of your life look like?


  1. I am so glad you played along! You have a very cute blog love it!


  2. oh yay!! I totally did this too after seeing it on somebody's blog :) Isn't it fun to get to know more things about friends :)
    love your blog!