Saturday, June 12, 2010

Worlds of Fun

Over Memorial Day weekend, our family traveled with our best friends to Kansas City to take a day trip down to Worlds of Fun. Now, this is an amusement park that my own family went to every summer as I was growing up. Deana's family also went every summer. And, as I was a Gleek long before it was popular, I also went every summer in Junior High and High School to perform with the show choir. Hell yes, I am that cool.

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But, I digress...

The park was open 10:00am -10:00pm and we stayed from open to close. We were total troopers, including Mr. Sam and Princess Izzy. Grand Master B would have left about 6:00pm but then got a second wind and rallied for the rest of the night. Our friends, Adam & Nisy, took my trusty CR-V for the day and lent us the "Swagger Wagon" (minivan) so we could all fit in one car. We planned to stop at The Waffle House in Rockport, MO in an homage to those childhood road trips but the Waffle House in Rockport no longer exists. Now, it is the Black Iron Grill Steakhouse and Saloon (see Facebook page here) which wasn't open at 7:45am or we might had breakfast there out of sheer stubbornness. Instead, we journeyed on down to the traveler's standby Cracker Barrel which not only has sinfully good food but also features kitschy shopping.

Deana & I actually went to the grocery store at the ungodly hour of 5:30am so that we could bring lunch. I froze 10 bottles of water overnight before we left. We each carried 3 bottles in our bags into the park and used the remaining bottles as added ice in the cooler. It was kind of nice to take a break midday to sit down and have a little picnic. Bringing our own water and lunch saved us a bundle! We planned to eat dinner in the park but instead we had snacks and kept on riding. We ended up stopping to eat a BK on the way out of town because after 12 hours we just didn't care anymore.

Some highlights of the day:
  • Mr. Sam is a total daredevil! He shares Grand Master B's love of all things roller coaster.
  • I am almost phobic in my dislike of roller coasters but I will ride any spinning ride you can find.
  • Princess Izzy is not wild about fast rides.
  • When everyone else went to ride the 'big kids rides', Princess Izzy & I hung out at Camp Snoopy where she got to enjoy all the 'l'il kid rides.' It was a match made in Heaven.
  • Deana, Dave, Jim and B all agreed that the new-to-us coaster The Patriot totally rocked.
  • We all loved the water rides, especially the Monsoon and the log ride.
  • Grand Master B can meet cute girls anywhere but an amusement park is like a gift from little Baby Jesus in this arena.
  • We all took on the challenge of the rock wall, except Princess Izzy (too young) and Jim (staff photographer). Dave and B made it all the way to the top and then rappelled down like pros. Deana & I managed not to kill ourselves...and only one of us fell on her butt but you have to guess which one.
  • Our husbands bought us bunny ears that light up and flicker like a strobe in da club. Yes, we rock.
  • 3-hour road trips are much worse going home.
I'll leave you with some photos of the day which was amazing. Wish you could have been there!

PS Check out this totally cool photo Jim took of the Spinning Dragon roller coaster at night.

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