Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day in the Life 2012

 Can I just say that I love this project?

I love this project. I really do.

I have done a day in the life several times in the past. And I just adore the process, every single time. When I look back through my albums, the layouts documenting one whole day of  my everyday life are always among my favorites. This year is no exception.

I woke up Wednesday 02/08/2012 fully planning on participating in a day in the life with hundreds of other people, inspired and organized by Ali Edwards.

But very early Wednesday morning I got a phone call from my son. One of those phone calls. The type where your heart sinks and you just know your whole day has just been flipped upside down. Where that one thing becomes your whole day. And that story was not one that I wanted to document.

So, I didn't.

(how liberating)

Instead, I re-printed Ali's daily planning pages (available as a free download on Ali's blog) for today and opted for a do-over.

Today was average. Today was going to work early, stopping by Starbucks to get espresso drinks for three. Today was eating Jimmy Johns for lunch. Today was going to the grocery store. Today was making dinner in my brand new pressure cooker. Today was putting my OLW 'do' into action. Today was getting gas and doing dishes and throwing in a load of laundry. Today was laughing with Jim and dinner for two in the dining room. Today was foot pain and lost glasses. Today was giggling over the phone with my best friend. Today was playing Words With Friends on my iPhone and winning. Today was tv in bed and snuggling. Today was perfectly ordinary - and *that* was the story I wanted to tell.

I used Ali's Day in the Life layered template - available on sale here - to arrange the photos. I used the planning pages to record thoughts and events of the day. I plan on using the sheets to tell the story of the day. I probably will use a 6x12 page to house the journaling. Voila!

Did any of you join in a Day in the Life? I'd love to see your work - just leave me a link in the comments. Here's to a wonderful weekend...

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  1. I hope everything is OK with your son. I wasn't aware you could claim a "do-over." ;-) I totally should have. I think I picked the most boring day of my week to document. ;-)