Friday, February 12, 2010

Preparations for Valentine's Day

I am so excited that Grand Master B will be coming home for the weekend! We haven't seen him in two weeks & I've really been missing him. This whole 'sleep away school' concept is overrated...but I do see positive changes in his attitude and behavior which is the whole point. I will just be glad to have him healthy and back at home.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. To celebrate B's visit, I am making a cool garland to hang over the doorway in the dining room. I am also making mini-books for both of the men in my life. When I talked to B on the phone yesterday, he told me that he had a present for me - which is nearly unheard of! I cannot wait to see what he has come up with. The design of my projects is complete. I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon putting it all together. I am also distributing cards & treat bags to the Bad Mommies plus children. Should be a totally great weekend.

Stay tuned. I'll post the finished products later. I'm using this as the base for my mini-books.

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