Monday, February 15, 2010

Wishing I Was There

I don't know about you but I am ridiculously excited about the Olympics. I love the intensity, the national identity, the competition and the commentary. I totally wish I was living the dream in Vancouver right now.

Instead, I am obsessing at home and watching every possible event at home. I am amused at how Jim & I get so wrapped up in sports and competitors that we have never heard of prior to seeing them profiled as part of a 'very special Olympic montage'.

Once again, Grand Master B has been foiled in his attempts to return to school. The van picked him up at 8:00am and they called to say they were turning back at about 8:40am. The roads and wind made interstate travel too dangerous. He will try again tomorrow - but I am grateful for the extra time.

So tonight, I am taking a break from all things creative. I am sitting with my guys and getting entirely too involved in pairs figure skating. For some inexplicable reason, I am feeling hostile about the heir apparent gold contenders Shen & Zhao from China. I just want one of them to fall so that all those experts are proved wrong...must be my innate love for the underdog rearing its head. And I am so over the former-Japanese-now-turned-Russian chick - some people will do anything to win but you can't change who you are!

I leave you to ponder these deep thoughts. You're welcome.
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  1. I too, wish I were there. The events, the beverages, the emotional medal ceremonies...It just looks like so much fun!! Maybe a bucket list item, #12-Attend the Olympics in a foreign country! So glad you have your own blog and have had 'extra' time with B this weekend! Love you all.